Boom Beach – Tipps, Tricks and Cheats

Posted on June 8, 2017 By

Everyone wants to suceed on Boom Beach, but only a few people can actually reach the top level. Even gamer who are spending many hours per day on playing this game will end up frustrated. What is the reason for this problem?


Boom Beach is a freemium game. This means you can download the game on the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore for free and also play it for free. Now this positive aspect takes a turn, because the game also offers in-game currencies, which you have to buy for real money. We can say: It is free to play for non-ambitious people, but if you get addicted to this game (and mostly you will) then you will pay real money for diamonds.

This problem has been around since the release of Boom Beach. Suddenly people got frustrated, because they didn’t have enough money or they simply didn’t want to pay. Finally some of these frustrated guys came together and worked on a own tool called Boom Beach hack. The cheat engine allows people to manipulate the game. The Boom Beach Hack (found on can generate a huge amount of free diamonds for Boom Beach. Normal people would say: “This is impossible. This can’t work!”, but if you have ever tried it by yourself you will know: Oh yes, the Boom Beach hack tool really works. The one on might be the best working generator, because it works on all platforms, every smartphone or even on the tablet. The best feature is you can also use it on your Mac or PC. It connects to the Supercell servers and changes the value of the diamonds on your specific account. MiaMilawgame protects your account and also their website with specially made proxies to prevent any risk of account suspension.


If you are about to use the Boom Beach hack hack for the first time you shouldn’t worry. You might think they will steal or hack your account, but they are very reliable. Maybe the most reliable website when it comes to generate free Boom Beach diamonds on iOS and Android for free. They are offering a detailed step by step tutorial on how to hack Boom Beach and how to use the generator. Also you can check their videos, in which they explain everything.


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